[ANNOUNCEMENT] Upcoming changes to Yammer Site Status | 2/7/2015 8:20 PM UTC

Based on customer feedback, we’re making some changes to the content on the Yammer Site Status blog in an effort to improve your communications experience during a service impacting event.

Titles of communication posts will be updated to include additional detail making it easier to keep track of scheduled maintenance notifications and providing more clarity around service incidents. Titles will now include:

  • A tracking number for every unique service incident or maintenance post such as (YAXXXXX)
  • Incident status tags to indicate high-level status changes during an event (such as “Service Degradation” or “Restoring Service”).

Communications will also now include separate fields for reporting key incident details as they are identified and become available such as the Current Status, User Experience, Estimated Restoration Time, Preliminary Root Cause and Incident Start and End times.

Previous communication example:

[UPDATE] Search and Data Export Issues – 02/05/15 3:17 PM PST
Engineers are still working to restore full functionality of autocomplete, full-text search and data-export.

Engineers have confirmed that message posting has returned to normal.

Yammer.com is experiencing delays with message posting. This problem affects all Yammer.com users.
Engineers are currently investigating.

New communication example:

YA12408 | Restoring Service | Message posting delays | 02/05/15 5:22 PM UTC
Current Status: An automated recovery feature took the appropriate action to restore service within the component responsible for processing message posts. Engineers are currently monitoring message processing queues to ensure that there are no additional message delays.

User Experience: The affected users may experience delays of up to 10 minutes when posting a message.

Customer Impact: Yammer functionality outside of message posting is unaffected. Impact appears to be limited.

Incident Start Time: Thursday, February 5, 2015, at 4:20 PM UTC

Preliminary Root Cause: Impact to the message processing feature caused delays when processing new Yammer post requests. The underlying root cause is still under investigation.

Next Update by: Thursday, February 5, 2015, at 6:00 PM UTC

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