Some customers in the APAC (Asia Pacific) region have been reporting issues correctly loading Yammer resources from our CDN (Content Distribution Network) which has, in turn, affected the full Yammer site for those customers.  The Yammer CDN is hosted on *.assets-yammer.com, which appears to be the domain affected.

Upon investigation we have determined that these customers’ ISPs (Internet Service Providers) need to perform a DNS update (Domain Name System) to obtain the correct IP address mapping for *.assets-yammer.com.  After their ISPs performed a DNS update customers have reported Yammer functionality returning to normal.

While this issue is not wide-spread, we wanted to provide advice to any customers experiencing any of the following:

  • Slow loading of the Yammer site.
  • The Yammer site loading to a white screen.
  • The Yammer site loading as text only, with no formatting.
  • The Yammer site loading without icons / images.

If affected by any of the above, please contact your ISP and request they perform a DNS update.

If this fails to resolve your issue please contact us for support via the Yammer Support Portal.

No further updates will be provided here for this issue.

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Principal Technical Support, APAC, Yammer
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