Yammer is Moving to a New Data Center on April 30th

On Saturday, April 30, Yammer will migrate to a new data center in order to increase overall capacity as Yammer continues to grow.  As part of this migration, we expect that Yammer.com will be unavailable for two to four hours starting at 10am PDT.  Below is some additional information about this move.  If you have any other questions, please contact help@yammer.com.

Data Center Move FAQ

Why is Yammer moving data centers?
Yammer is a fast-growing company, adding new users and networks all the time. In order to meet the increasing demand, Yammer must move to a larger data center that can support our expanding power and space needs as we continue to grow.

When will the data center move occur?
Saturday, April 30, 2011 starting at 10am PDT.

Will there be any site downtime during the data center move?
Yammer.com will be unavailable beginning at 10am PDT on Saturday, April 30th. We expect service to be restored within two to four hours.

Will the data center move have any affect on my network data?
No, the data center move will have no impact on your network data.

Will my data be secure in the new data center?
Yes, the new facility has a variety of security measures in place to help protect your data. The data center is physically secured using measures like 24×7 guards and full caging. Data availability is maintained using measures like UPS power and N+1 redundancy for vulnerable systems.

Yammer will also be maintaining all previous network and data security measures to provide further protection. These measures include a database firewall, network firewall, network monitoring, exponential backoff, and quarterly third-party pen tests.

Do I need to take any action to prepare for the data center move?
No, users do not need to take any action to prepare for the data center move.

Where can I find updates about the data center move and other site maintenance?
We will post information about site availability and service interruptions on this page. For realtime updates, please follow @YammerOps on Twitter.

Who do I contact if I have further questions about the data center move?
Please contact help@yammer.com.

About Yammer Status

Yammer (www.yammer.com) is the leader in Enterprise Social Networking, providing a secure way for employees inside a company to communicate, collaborate, and share information. This page provides information about site maintenance and service interruptions. Visit our blog (http://blog.yammer.com) to see how our customers are benefiting from Yammer.
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