Search and Data Export Issues – 1/26/15 10:13 AM PST

We are experiencing issues with one of our backend services which will mean that for a subset of Yammer networks and their users, their search experience will be lagging. This means that new data within the last 9 days will not be readily searchable but data older than approx 9 days  should be searchable.  If those networks use the Data Export capability then this will not work either.

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[COMPLETE] Schedule Maintenance; January 24, 2014; 2:16AM, PST

The scheduled maintenance has completed.  There was no user impact.

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Scheduled Maintenance; January 24, 2014; 2:00AM, PST

We have started the scheduled maintenance and it will conclude at 3:00AM, PST. Please expect to be unreachable during this time.

An update will be posted when maintenance has been completed.

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Engineering restarted an instance in a service that resolved the issue. Message posting is now back to normal latencies/performance.

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SERVICE INTERRUPTION; 1/22/15; 2:58 PM PST is currently experiencing message posting delays longer than 10 minutes. 

Engineers are currently looking into resolving the issue with an unknown ETA.

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Yammer Search Delays – 1/22/15 10:41 AM PST is experiencing search delays, which started as early as 6 AM PST. Users may see old/stale results when searching for content. Engineers are currently investigating and we will provide an update as soon as more information is known. Thank you for your patience.

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Our engineers investigated a problem that was affecting a large subset of our users where the main page would appear but feeds would not load. This incident began at 09:00:36am, PST and ended at 10:00:36am, PST.

Due to a unique set of environment circumstances the feed loading problem did not appear for our teams internally, which significantly delayed discovery of the issue and resolution of the service interruption. Once the customer reports reached the engineering team the interruption was quickly investigated and resolved.

The engineering team are reviewing the systems responsible for monitoring these conditions and adjusted our process so that our internal environments will enable more immediate discovery of feed issues that affect our external customers.

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